Ninety-Nine Things We Like - Part Four - Local Business Edition

We're back and we want to use our last thirty-three favorite things to shout out to some of our favorite local businesses in Chicago. They run the gambit from art to chiropractic to pet supplies. If we need to do something in Chicago (not food this time!) these are the people we typically support.

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Nine on the 9th

1. Rachel went to college in Michigan and considers it her second home. She went to Calvin  College in Grand Rapids, and usually visits 2-3 times a year.  The nature preserve at Calvin is where she would get away from busy college life, and it is also where she proposed to Kristl this past August. At the nature preserve at Calvin College, just after getting engaged

2. Kristl did two years at Boston College before quitting to attend acupuncture school. She loves Boston, but hasn't been back since 2002. Hopefully one day she'll be able to take Rachel there for a visit.

3. Rachel has a minor obsession with Stephen King and has gotten Kristl into his stuff as well. Kristl went from having read no Stephen King to having read 14 of his books in the past couple years (including the entire Dark Tower series). She's currently working on The Shining. (Rachel has read 26 of his books, but she hasn't read The Stand, which Kristl has read.)

4. Rachel used to play the oboe (and it's slightly larger and deeper-voiced cousin, the English horn) in high school, and there is a wonderful home video of her flipping her hair a lot before, during, and after a recital.

5. Kristl went to Space Camp in the 5th grade. She served as the pilot of her space mission and was the only girl in her group not placed in Mission Control. There is a home video compilation featuring her awkwardness in all its glory.

Can you handle the Space Camp awesomeness?

6. Somehow we have a knack at getting free food. At least once or twice a month we'll get a dish comped at a restaurant for no reason or our order will be minorly messed up and they'll fix it by bringing us a bunch of extra food. Once we were at a restaurant in Grand Rapids and they comped over half our tab (including Rachel's beer flight!) for no other reason than we "looked like nice people."

7. Rachel ran cross country in high school, but she was almost always the last person to finish. Once she got so lost at a meet that someone had to come find her because she didn't know where the course was. She still runs for exercise, but rarely competes (or gets lost) anymore.

8. Kristl took the ubiquitous ballet/jazz/tap classes as a kid, but really excelled at tap. One day, she found out that Fred Astaire shared a birthday with her and she told her mom that she was pretty sure she had his spirit and that's why she was such a good tapper. (She's not actually anywhere near as good as Fred, though.)

9. We've lived in our apartment for a year and a half and still have a handful of boxes we haven't unpacked and a bunch of pictures and artwork that we haven't hung on the walls. Despite all of this, our home feels rather warm and inviting. (On a related note: Anybody have any hookups for frames? We've purchased a few art pieces that are odd sizes and we don't have the money to get custom frames for them right now.)

We hope to be back to somewhat regular posts in the next few weeks. Things are in a major state of flux right now, but once everything settles, we should have much more time for blogging. You can keep up with us on Facebook until then!