Nine on the 9th - Pet Edition

All right, y'all, here we go again. First off, earlier this year we mentioned we had some big changes happening around here. One of those changes was Rachel quitting her job and going back to school, which we've already talked about. The other is that Kristl is moving into her own practice space. We're very excited, but it's definitely a time consuming process, so we'll probably be light on the posts for the next 4-6 weeks. Bradley, doped up on meds after his first surgery

1. Kristl adopted Bradley in September of 2006. He was 4-6 years old at the time. He then had to have four surgeries (two on each hind leg) in the first year and a half that Kristl had him.

Delilah likes the fancy things in life

2. Rachel adopted Delilah in 2007 after returning another cat that was so annoying she couldn't get any sleep. She looked at Delilah and thought, "She seems less annoying." and the rest is history.

Bradley resting

3. Kristl has "diagnosed" Bradley with canine sleep aggression. If you bother him while he is resting or sleeping, he will growl, bark, and bite. Back when Bradley used to sleep in her bed (before Rachel came along), Kristl managed to train herself to give him verbal warnings in her sleep if she was going to move or turn over.

Down coats are her favorite

4. Delilah doesn't like boxes, but she does like being under things like tables and chairs. She also likes being in drawers and on top of crinkly things. She absolutely LOVES lying on winter coats.

Drawer cat

5. Bradley does not like it if you talk on the phone. He will cry and whimper unless you pet him while talking on the phone. It makes it difficult to make any sort of professional or important calls from home.

6. Delilah has a white spot in the middle of her back and a tiny white spot on the tip of her left ear. She has a little brown spot on the side of her nose that Rachel thinks makes her look dirty. Her left hind leg looks like it has a bandage on it.

Swimming like a champ

7. Bradley occasionally stopped using his left hind leg at the end of 2012. By the spring of 2013 he'd stopped using it completely. In the fall of 2013, we started him in water therapy. He was supposed to walk on an under-water treadmill, but he was so agitated he kept trying to bite (seriously, every single entry in his chart says "WILL BITE"). One of the awesome vet techs figured out that Bradley would swim without getting nearly as agitated, so we switched to that. At the end, though, the weekly trips were too stressful and we decided to stop for the time being. He is showing some improvement in his leg usage, so it was worth it!

8. If you're crying, Delilah will immediately check on you to see if you're okay. She'll then cuddle up to you and won't leave until you stop crying.

It looks like they might actually like each other!

9. It took Bradley and Delilah some time to get used to each other. Delilah would often swat and hiss at Bradley when he walked by, or Bradley would growl when Delilah walked near him on the couch. Gradually, their aggressions became more and more half-hearted. Now they tolerate each other and mainly look surprised when they realize the other one exists.

P.S. The hardest part of writing this post was deciding which ADORABLE pictures to post with it.  You're welcome.